Playing Pink Floyd's "Money" Guitar Line With Fart Noises From Your Hands

This is the kind of thing which I count on the internet to provide me with.


Artikulation Music / Sound Effect Composition Software

I enjoyed this, not particularly because I liked the music, but I liked the possibilities and the aesthetic beauty of this composition software. If I ever need to recreate R2D2, I'll definitely do it with this tool.


References in Don McLean's American Pie

I always knew there was something I was missing in this song, I just didn't realize how much.


Led Zeppelin Live In London Videos

Well if you were wondering if those folks who were paying upwards of $30,000 to see Led Zeppelin in London last week got their money's worth, you can see for yourself. Not bad. I hope they come here (even if they play stairway to heaven Winking)!


iPhone Based ProTools Controller

If you are a geek and a musician as I am, this is essentially technoporn. An iPhone controlling ProTools digital recording software in real time. Drool...

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Hip Hop Violin

This actually worked a lot better than I expected it to. Mainly because the violinist is a genius. You don't find many violinists that can improvise like that (unless he really wrote all that out, which would also be impressive).