War on Drugs

CIA Torture Jet Crashed With 4 Tons of Cocaine

I know this is conspiracy theory stuff, and I can't say I know enough to believe it, but it's interesting and this isn't the first time we've heard about this kind of operation- bush sr. was also alledgedly smuggling coke to pay for his guerrilla operations in South America.

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Stop The Drug War Draft

Boy, new and creative ways to be evil appear every day. Now they cut off your student loan money if you are caught smoking a joint! But never fear, they're now accepting drug offenders in the military. You'll still be able to go fight wars of aggression for the country that wouldn't give you an education!

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10 Years in Jail for Selling Lightbulbs

In the spring of 1994, the Tucker family received lengthy prison sentences -- 10 years for Steve, 16 years for his older brother Gary, and 10 years for his brother's wife, Joanne -- without possibility of parole, for the curiously worded federal crime of "conspiracy to manufacture marijuana."

Yet federal prosecutors never charged them with buying, selling, growing, transporting, smoking or even possessing marijuana. An 18-month DEA investigation had failed to turn up direct evidence connecting the Tuckers to even a single joint.

Instead, they were locked away for selling the lamps, fertilizer and gardening hardware from the small hydroponic supply shop Gary operated on Buford Highway that enabled their customers to grow pot.

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