Ralph Nader: America Needs Ron Paul Enema

Ralph Nader comes out and eloquently expresses why we need Ron Paul in the white house. Some people rightfully are afraid of his minimalist leanings, but I've always tried to explain that we just need 4 years of a strict constitutionalist to purge the shit from the system. Ron Paul is the only one that can right the ship. And when you have someone like Nader that's very big on government regulation saying the same thing, you've gotta take notice.

Quote From Nader's Blog:

He won’t admit it, but Ron Paul is practically running on my third-party ticket. And while I don’t agree with him on every point. I was impressed that he raised four million dollars in one day. Unless my campaign starts showing some signs of life, I might just vote for him next November.

Sure, I don’t particularly agree with his immigration policy of state-run militia’s running around on the southern border, shooting at anything that speaks Spanish. Nor do I sleep well at night thinking about his proposed dissolution of my precious EPA and Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, I think we can all agree that Washington is like the inflamed colon after 20 years without even a flake of Raisin Bran. What it needs is a Ron Paul enema — let’s let it run through the system, clean everything out — You wouldn’t get an enema every day — but we need one right now.

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Cool All Terrain Robot

This is a very interesting creation that uses legs, wheels, and paddles to cover almost any terrain, and it looks like some weird determined huge bug.


Strangest Toys You Will Ever See

This is a great list of strange toys, but the real hilarity is in the narration.


See the Full List Here


Tea Party 07

All the Ron Paul supporters should sign up here to make a pledge to donate to his campaign on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Another one like last time, and he can be the frontrunner in funds raised for this quarter. I've pledged, will you?

Sign Up Here


How to Win At Monopoly

This guy lays it all out for you how to win. I always suspected that some of the properties were relative bargains and that there was a sweet spot for houses, but I was never completely bored enough to do the math. This guy did. Now all I need is to find a sucker to beat.


View His Complete Strategy Here


You Are Owned!

This is a classic video with George Carlin telling it like it is.


How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

You've gotta admit- this guy's got a point.


Via Found Magazine


Ron Paul Moves Up Bigtime in Scientific Polls, Tops Google Searches

This is great news, Ron Paul continues to double almost every month in the polls. In the latest New Hampshire primary poll from CBS/New York Times, he is now 4th with 8% of the vote.


And Ron Paul is really busting out on the internet. He is now searched for more than 3x his nearest competitor in either party. People want freedom.


Via Google Trends


OMFG! Sulu is gay!

Who'd have guessed, Sulu is gay! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! Not someone I had pegged at all. I'm shocked. Kudos to him for not being a huge flamer, and pulling off a good performance in Heroes.


Ron Paul on Track to Rake in More Than $3 Million in One Day!

How many other people can motivate their base in this kind of way? Actually it's not even a fundraiser that Ron started. Some dude on the internet just did it himself. That's grassroots! And there's still 6 hours to go, he's well on his way to $3.5 million, making $12 million easily within his grasp for this quarter, putting him squarely in the top tier (maybe top overall for the republicans!). Wow, he's got one hell of a wealthy spambot Winking.


Check Out The Progress Here


Would He Run?

The question: If attacked by a gang of sword wielding ninjas would the worlds fastest speed walker walk or run away?

The answer? Only one way to find out, have a bunch of ninjas attack him!

Would He Run? - Watch more free videos


Talking Cats

Now I've seen some talking animals before, but these ones take the cake. The last one had to be by far the best though!


Best Ron Paul Interview Yet

This is a really good interview where Ron Paul finally has some time to expand upon his platform. Especially important if you like Ron Paul but are unsure about his more controversial views. Here is a place for him to explain those.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Rude Rainbow With Zippy

Here's a children's program I could get behind!


How to Deal With Religious Nuts

If I could do this once in my life I would die a happy man. Will be in the states soon, there's still a chance.


The Misunderstood Mister W

It's tough to be misunderstood !


The Most Depressing Thing I've Ever Seen

I sort of hate for people to see this, but it's so important that they do to realize what this war agenda and privatization of war really is. It's a video of a british private defense contractor driving down the road killing innocent civilians for sport. It's horrible and sad. I hate it, but I had to post it here.


Words of Wisdom From Homer Simpson

Funny to see this much of Homer's quality material in one place. A few of my favorites:

"Apu, you got any Skittle Brau? Never mind, just give me some Duff and a pack of Skittles. "

"Here's to alcohol - the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. "

"First you don't want me to get the pony, then you want me to take it back. Make up your mind! "

"When I look at the smiles on all the children's faces, I just know they're about to jab me with something. "

"That's it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I'm going to clown college!"

Read Them All Here


Ron Paul Looking Good on The Tonight Show

In case you missed it, check out Ron Paul on the tonight show (before YouTube pulls it). He always does well on the talk shows, it seems like the talk show folks all really have respect for him.


Use Coca Cola as Fuel

This'll come in handy after the apocalypse!

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