OMFG! Sulu is gay!

Who'd have guessed, Sulu is gay! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! Not someone I had pegged at all. I'm shocked. Kudos to him for not being a huge flamer, and pulling off a good performance in Heroes.


Would He Run?

The question: If attacked by a gang of sword wielding ninjas would the worlds fastest speed walker walk or run away?

The answer? Only one way to find out, have a bunch of ninjas attack him!

Would He Run? - Watch more free videos


Talking Cats

Now I've seen some talking animals before, but these ones take the cake. The last one had to be by far the best though!


Best Ron Paul Interview Yet

This is a really good interview where Ron Paul finally has some time to expand upon his platform. Especially important if you like Ron Paul but are unsure about his more controversial views. Here is a place for him to explain those.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Rude Rainbow With Zippy

Here's a children's program I could get behind!


How to Deal With Religious Nuts

If I could do this once in my life I would die a happy man. Will be in the states soon, there's still a chance.


The Misunderstood Mister W

It's tough to be misunderstood !


The Most Depressing Thing I've Ever Seen

I sort of hate for people to see this, but it's so important that they do to realize what this war agenda and privatization of war really is. It's a video of a british private defense contractor driving down the road killing innocent civilians for sport. It's horrible and sad. I hate it, but I had to post it here.


Ron Paul Looking Good on The Tonight Show

In case you missed it, check out Ron Paul on the tonight show (before YouTube pulls it). He always does well on the talk shows, it seems like the talk show folks all really have respect for him.


Oscar for Best Child Actor

This cracked me up!


Ronaldinho's Magic Soccer Feet

European football doesn't impress me that often, but maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention. Check this out:


Forget Obama Girl, Ron Paul Girl is WAY Hotter and Smarter

Mmmm. Talk politics to me Ron Paul Girl. Yeah, that's it. Just like that. Uh huh. Oh baby!


Human LCD - Amazing

South Korea: Boys cheering for their soccer teams. The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside. One school has also figured out how to use their pants to make shading.

Wow. I want to know what sort of system they use to coordinate all these different moves so perfectly. Looks stressful.


Cassette Tape Transformer

Poor cassette tape transformer, he just doesn't get any love any more.


Wall Animation

I liked this onebecause of it's melding of animation with reality. Pretty trippy. Must have taken a long time to do.


Pluto Loses it at Disneyworld



The $28000 Keyboard Which I Must Have!

Sometimes I want to start doing studio work again just to justify buying certain bits of gear (ironically the same reason why I don't want to do studio work anymore). This is one of those pieces of gear. It's truly lustworthy.

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