Random Checkpoints

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint

Now, most of you will watch this movie and say "man, this guy's a major dick", and for the most part I will agree with you. However he is proving a very valid point- the border patrol cannot stop you 50 miles before the border and start questioning you without probable cause. If they do, in the perfect world, you should really do exactly what this guy does. And it's nice to see someone do it because I always wondered if it really worked just to keep repeating "am I being detained, am I free to go?", well apparently it really does.

So you can call this guy a dick, but keep in mind that he's one of the only people out there fighting for your freedoms (spineless democrats certainly aren't). Without people like him rights are given up much more easily. So I will call this guy what he really is- a hero.