Who's War?

Every now and then I feel bad because some of my many Jewish friends feel that I am against their people since I don't believe in the way the Israeli military behaves (much in the same way I don't believe in the way the American military behaves while still loving the American people- although the ignorance does get to me a bit). I wish anyone who felt that way would read this article and realize that supporting a military is not the same as supporting the people who live in the country of that military. Often they are polar opposites.


Let us conclude. The Israeli people are America’s friends and have a right to peace and secure borders. We should help them secure these rights. As a nation, we have made a moral commitment, endorsed by half a dozen presidents, which Americans wish to honor, not to permit these people who have suffered much to see their country overrun and destroyed. And we must honor this commitment.But U.S. and Israeli interests are not identical. They often collide, and when they do, U.S. interests must prevail. Moreover, we do not view the Sharon regime as “America’s best friend.”Since the time of Ben Gurion, the behavior of the Israeli regime has been Jekyll and Hyde. In the 1950s, its intelligence service, the Mossad, had agents in Egypt blow up U.S. installations to make it appear the work of Cairo, to destroy U.S. relations with the new Nasser government. During the Six Day War, Israel ordered repeated attacks on the undefended USS Liberty that killed 34 American sailors and wounded 171 and included the machine-gunning of life rafts. This massacre was neither investigated nor punished by the U.S. government in an act of national cravenness.

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Another Way to Sum Up Israeli-Palestine Conflict in a Picture

Hmm, it's just so simple to sum up this conflict, why do so few people understand it?