Andrew Meyer

The Tasering of Andrew Meyer, Bush's America in a Nutshell

While I do find the kid awfully annoying, seeing overreactions like this-- often by people who aren't even police officers, really gets my blood boiling


The four players in the present-day American political drama were all represented at the University of Florida on Monday:

1) Andrew Meyer writhing on the ground in agony represents the Constitution and the freedom of speech and the protection from unlawful arrest that it enshrines.

2) The police holding Mr. Meyer to the ground and inflicting torture with 50,000 volts of electricity represent the fascist forces in America led by George W. Bush and their attempts to kill the Constitution.

3) John Kerry droning impotently on in the background and allowing the torture to occur through his shameful lack of courage and principle represents today's Democratic Party.

4) The majority of the students who sat passively by while one of their own was tortured for speaking out represent the largely apathetic American populace.

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