Frank Zappa on CNN's Crossfire Discussing America's Move to a Fascist Theocracy

I've seen this a few times over the years, but if you havent, you need to. If you ever doubted how cool and intellegent Frank Zappa was you need to watch these videos. So awesome to watch him intellectually maul the stuffed shirts on Crossfire Happy.

While we're at him, watch him talk about freedom of speech in front of congress and bash a few more stuffed shirts Happy

Here are Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 if you really get into it.

I wish there were some Frank Zappas running around today. Sad


The Tasering of Andrew Meyer, Bush's America in a Nutshell

While I do find the kid awfully annoying, seeing overreactions like this-- often by people who aren't even police officers, really gets my blood boiling


The four players in the present-day American political drama were all represented at the University of Florida on Monday:

1) Andrew Meyer writhing on the ground in agony represents the Constitution and the freedom of speech and the protection from unlawful arrest that it enshrines.

2) The police holding Mr. Meyer to the ground and inflicting torture with 50,000 volts of electricity represent the fascist forces in America led by George W. Bush and their attempts to kill the Constitution.

3) John Kerry droning impotently on in the background and allowing the torture to occur through his shameful lack of courage and principle represents today's Democratic Party.

4) The majority of the students who sat passively by while one of their own was tortured for speaking out represent the largely apathetic American populace.

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Funamentalist Christians + Military = Christofascism

The root of many of the US's problems in a nutshell:


"In the Pentagon today," he says, "there is active proselytizing by Christian groups that is allowed by the chain of command. When your superior expects you to show up at his prayer breakfast, you may not feel free to say no. It's not at all clear what will happen to your career. He writes your efficiency report. And the next thing you know, you have, in the culture of the Pentagon, more and more active religious outreach."

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The Plan of 1930's Industrialists Including GW Bush's Granddaddy to Supplant America's Democracy With a Fascist State

A very interesting read. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


In the early 1930s, a secret collection of prosperous men are said to have assembled in New York City to discuss the dissolution of America's democracy. As a consequence of the Great Depression, the countryside was littered with unemployed, and the world's wealthy were watching as their fortunes deflated and their investments evaporated. As men of action, the well-financed New York group sought to eliminate what they reasoned to be the crux of the catastrophe: the United States government.

According to MacGuire, the League's members could easily manipulate the media to provide public approval. He went on to suggest that the League planned to protect the country from communism by mimicking the methods of Benito Mussolini, a dictator who had risen to power a decade earlier with the support of a veteran militia. Mussolini's fascist government had successfully restored Italy's industrial viability, so it was deemed as an ideal model for repairing America's impoverished economy. According to the plan, Roosevelt and other existing US leadership would be allowed to remain as figureheads, while the true policy-making power would fall to a new cabinet position which Smedley Butler would occupy: The Secretary for General Affairs.

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Original BBC Documentary Implicating Prescott Bush


More Than 100,000 U.S. Citizens Who Have Done no More Than Criticize the President are Being Banned From Airline Fights, Harassed at Airports, Strip Searched, Roughed Up and Even Imprisoned

This is one common thread among fascist regimes, detaining people without probable cause because they are against the regime. Bush is making an art form of it.


Maher Arar, a Canadian software consultant was detained at Kennedy and “rendered” to Syria where he was imprisoned for more than a year by goons that beat him with a heavy metal cable. After the Canadian furor over Arar’s illegal kidnapping and torture, he was eventually released as he had zero ties to terrorists. Yet the Bush gang refused to concede error; refused to provide documents or witnesses to Canadian investigators; and claimed last January it had “secret information” that justified keeping Arar on the watch list.

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Americans Don't Buy the Official Story about 9/11

More than 1/3 of americans now believe 9/11 was an "inside job" by the government, and more than 2/3 believe it is "somewhat likely" or "very likely". More than half say they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be.

I honestly can't even say I'm in that 1/3, but I'm probably in the 2/3 who think it's likely. The government needs to respond to
all the evidence, as the conspiracy theorists are proposing something far more plausible than the official report, which sounds completely unbelievable.

The latest
MSNBC Poll shows more than 87% of respondants think bush should be impeached for the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war, and more.

If you feel that way, then you should participate in
DIY impeachment, a movement which is utilizing a very old precedent by which has been succesfull a long time ago in impeaching a judge. The idea being to get enough people to submit the article for it to not be taken seriously.

Personally I feel he should be impeached just for
groping the German chancellor.

Also if anyone is so lucky to have
America, from Freedom to Fascism in their theaters, I highly recommend you go see it. Aaron Russo is one of the only people who knows how things work in the world who actually cares enough to try to help people. Makes Michael Moore look like a hack (well he sorta is, but he's good at delivery).

Despotic Regimes and the Nutty Things They Do

Enjoy this 1946 warning about despotism which is funny to use as criteria to see which way modern US is going. For some reason, people always see things most clearly after a couple world wars. Or Colon Powell's former cheif of staff admitting he participated in a hoax about the Iraq war.

But the most serious, and most important one for any patriotic american to watch would have to be a
compendium of all the evidence that contradicts the existing investigations on 9/11. Scary to think our administration may have been involved, but sadly I don't think it's entirely outside of the realm of possibilities the way the US government acts these days. Human lives are secondary to their self serving agendas.