Fab at Home 3d Printer

Now, there are many of these out there in the world, and they are really freaking cool. But this one is even cooler because you can take the plans and make it yourself. And then you can make a 3d sex doll... Or whatever...


"Hod Lipson didn’t set out to revolutionize manufacturing. He just wanted to design a really cool robot, one that could “evolve” by reprogramming itself and would also produce its own hardware—a software brain, if you will, with the ability to create a body. To do this, Lipson (below, center) needed a rapid-prototyping fabrication, or “fabber.” Picture a 3D inkjet printer that deposits droplets of plastic, layer by layer, gradually building up an object of any shape. Fabbers have been around for two decades, but they’ve always been the pricey playthings of high-tech labs—and could only use a single material."

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3D Holographic Display

I'm not entirely sure why, but this is one thing I just must own. It's a little something researchers at USC have cooked up, and it's pretty kickass. It displays a true 360 degree viewable hologram. This is very different from the holograms you may have seen previously (even holographic video), because they are usually only viewable from about 20 degrees. This one works from the top, any side, bottom, you name it. Finally one of those things we were promised from the future. Just don't stick your hands in the spinning mirror kids!