More Than 100,000 U.S. Citizens Who Have Done no More Than Criticize the President are Being Banned From Airline Fights, Harassed at Airports, Strip Searched, Roughed Up and Even Imprisoned

This is one common thread among fascist regimes, detaining people without probable cause because they are against the regime. Bush is making an art form of it.


Maher Arar, a Canadian software consultant was detained at Kennedy and “rendered” to Syria where he was imprisoned for more than a year by goons that beat him with a heavy metal cable. After the Canadian furor over Arar’s illegal kidnapping and torture, he was eventually released as he had zero ties to terrorists. Yet the Bush gang refused to concede error; refused to provide documents or witnesses to Canadian investigators; and claimed last January it had “secret information” that justified keeping Arar on the watch list.

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