Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich Money Bombs This Weekend

If you care about your freedoms and don't want to continue to pay 15% of your earnings solely to fund never ending wars, please contribute 0.1% of your earnings to an anti war peace and freedom loving candidate like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. You do know they are the only ones running (besides Gravel) who have pledged to end the war and have all the troops home any time in the next 5 years, right? Don't let those other politicians who started and funded this war and voted through all of Bush's anti-constitution legislation take any more of our freedoms our our youth's lives. Help those few that actually fought against the war and fought for the constitution with legislation and votes! It's a small price to pay to live in a free and peaceful nation!

Check out the Ron Paul Boston Tea Party Money Bomb on December 16th and Dennis Kucinich Money Bomb on December 15th (which even comes with this handy video):

If you're feeling a little unorthodox, than maybe you want to support the Ron Paul Blimp instead. It will be flying over the Boston harbor dumping tea during the Boston tea party celebration! Happy