Kucinich is Cool Too

I know I prattle on and on about Ron Paul, because I think most of the US' problems are caused by an overreaching federal government, but I understand many people still want a big federal government without some warmonger at the helm.

So I'm going to promote Kucinich a little here too. If Ron Paul didn't exist I'd be voting for this guy. He and Mike Gravel are the only Democrats planning to get us out of Iraq within the next 5 years, and who voted against funding the war. Obama and Hillary may talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk. They fund the war at every opportunity, and have denied that they would pull out of Iraq within 5 years.

Watch a good video of Kucinich with an intelligent interviewer. It's amazing to see him talk for 20 minutes instead of the usual 2 seconds he gets in debates. This is one guy with his head screwed on straight.