Technology in Life

This is pretty weird. It's a whole little strange drama made out of The Sims characters called the Strangerhood which I learned about from David Byrne's blog. It's cool to watch an intelligent multidisciplinary like him blog. But it's sad that he's not only a better musician but also a better blogger than me.

I feel for
this guy as I also have to do demos of this technology. But it doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at him, especially since I’d never be caught dead doing this on live tv. The reporter’s “air quotes” also could have been a Steven Colbert parody.

This is a really cool demo of some technology we should have had 10 years ago. Multi-tap touch screens. Like in Minority Report. I hope I can buy one of these soon!

And to cap off the month, what could be better than a
Furby in the microwave?