Ron Paul Update

Ron Paul is so the man! He's just steamrolling everyone in the primaries! He is now #3 in funds raised behind Guiliani and Romney, up from about 9th only 2 months ago. His numbers are doubling in the polls every month, where he's now in 5th place, compared again to around 9th a few months ago.

Finally some good videos have been made that describe his positions well. If you don't want to spend much time and only want to watch one video, check this one out:

He's been on all the major talk shows like
Bill Mahr (who says he's his new hero), The Daily Show and news channels many times, like CNN, NBC, even FOX not to mention ruling the debates (most enjoyable was watching fox announcing how Guiliani had won and had Hannity attacking and misquoting Ron while their own ticker announced Ron as the winner) .

He's taking over
video viewership, he's he 3rd search term for the blog search engine technorati (just below youtube and sopranos) and he's just behind obama in requests on He's won pretty much every online poll.

I've never seen such a great person with a great message get through to the people in this way. It's truly inspiring, and gives me hope for the world. Actually I've never seen a politician I actually liked and that wasn't completely full of shit. I guess after the most corrupt administration the US has ever had we may be waking up a little bit.