Happy Holidays!

Got some interesting christmas presents this year. A sleeptracker watch, which is meant to wake me up when I'm not dreaming so I'm more refreshed every morning. It does this by measuring how much I thrash around, and probably wakes me up when I'm thrashing the most. So far it seems pretty good, it's done a couple nice jobs, but I'm going to need to wait until the jet lag is gone because I keep waking up before it tries to wake me up. There are some other similar technologies coming like the SleepSmart, but they require a headband for EEG so they may not be so comfortable. I actually have my own idea for something which will be more reliable than movement based, but more comfortable than EEG. Someday maybe I'll make my own.

Also got the
Suunto T6 runner's watch with heart rate monitor and accelerometer for my foot. This will be very nice when the snow's off my running track and it's a bit warmer. Unfortunately I hate running in the gym so I don't do it much, but next year it will hopefully help me lose those pounds that have been so elusive even when I have been excercising a lot.

And to record whether I've gotten fatter or thinner, I got a
Sharper Image digital glass bathroom scale with body fat monitor, so far it's a little harder to use than a normal scale, but gives me a reading of my body fat, water weight percentage, and of course normal weight in pounds or kilos. Seems to fluctuate a little so not sure if it's perfect, but it's better than trying to guess if I'm gaining muscle or losing fat. And getting it for christmas is great because I'm never fatter than this time of year.

If I'm feeling ambitious, I may make a review section for these interesting new health products and really tell you what I think of them. But I think that electronic health products have come a long way, and can be of real use in giving you information on how you're living your life. And knowledge is power