Ron Paul is a First Tier Candidate, Only Fools Continue to Say Otherwise

A few excerpts:

Straw Polls: Ron Paul has come in the top 3 in almost every single straw poll. He has also won most of them.

Ron Paul support is not actually measured by the Gallop polls. They only measure past primary voters(those people who were registered Republicans and voted in 2000)…but only about 25% of Ron Paul supporters voted in the 2000 Republican primary…that means that Ron Paul’s numbers are not 4%, but actually close to 16%

..a grassroots network that dwarfs the competition(47,831 members + 5,487 interested, growing at 6% per week)…compared to less than a 200 for the 2nd place, and 0 for Rudy

Ron Paul will raise the $500,000 in about 3 days, 14 hours…giving him plenty of time to raise $1,000,000 in 1 week. These are HARDLY 2nd tier numbers.

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